A Quickstep Silver Routine

11-6Natural Spin Turn, UT (at 1st corner) ending backing DC of new LODSQQSSSS
21-6Steps 2-7 of a V6, end facing DW QQSSQQ
31-4Forward Lock facing DWSQQS
41-6Natural Turn (at 2nd corner) end facing DW of new LODSQQSSS
51-6Natural Spin Turn, UT, end backing DC against LODSQQSSS
61-4Progressive Chasse to end facing DCSQQSS
71-3Quick Open Reverse end backing LODSQQ
81-6Four Quick Run end facing DWSQQQQS
91-31-3 Natural Turn end backing LODSQQ
101-7Tipple Chasse (at 3rd corner) end facing DW of new LODSQQSQQS

Made with the Shareware program Dance.