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About MB-Geoquiz...

MB-Geoquiz is a geographical quiz based on Google Earth and Google Maps.

There are a lot of questions like

  • Where is the "Cape of Good Hope"?
  • Where is the bridge of the first bungee jump?
  • Where is the "forbidden city"?
  • ...
all of them having a location as the solution.

You can either solve them in the browser with Google Maps or you can download each of this question as a KML file - a location bookmark of Google Earth.
This bookmark is dynamic and will only show the solution position, when you are close to this position.

Enjoy MB-Geoquiz

Markus Bader

P.S.: Here is a quick start quest for Google Earth .
P.S.P.: MB-Geoquiz is currently in the beta test period. Just send me an email, if you have further questions.

Google, Google Earth and Google Maps are trademarks of Google.
MB-Geoquiz and its author are not an official source of information of the company Google that produces and owns Google Earth.

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