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Add your quest to MB-Geoquiz

It is very easy to add your quest to MB-Geoquiz - as a quest is derived from a Google Maps Placemark.

Create a Google Earth Placemark

  • open the context menu (right mouse button) of My Places
  • choose the menu item Add - Placemark...
  • move the marker to the solution position on the map
  • the Name (in english) is the text, that will be visible at the solution position when the position was found
  • the Description (in english) is the question!
  • set the view by clicking Snapshot current view
  • you do not have to modify Style, Color or Altitude
Then click OK and you have defined a placemark, that can be used for MB-Geoquiz.
If you want to add several placemarks, please create a folder first and add all placemarks to this folder.

Export the Placemark as a KMZ file

  • open the context menu (right mouse button) of the placemark
  • choose the menu item Save as and
  • save the file to your desktop

Transfer the KMZ file to MB-Geoquiz

Now the last step:
Send the KML file in a mail with a description of the quest to MB-Geoquiz@Markus-Bader.de

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