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How to play MB-Geoquiz with Google Earth

1. As MB-Geoquiz is a geographical quiz based on Google Earth, you have to install Google Earth.
If you have not installed Google Earth, you can download the application at earth.google.com.
Please install Google Earth - then continue.

2. As Google Earth is installed now, everything is prepared.
Now you can choose a normal quest or special quest from the MB-Geoquiz site. This quest (KML file) will be opened by Google Earth.

Here is an example:
Click here to download the KML file for the quest Where is the "Cape of Good Hope".
Google Earth will open the file and shows this folder in temporary places.
Now move close to the Cape of Good Hope (if you are not sure, where it is - have a look at the About site).
When you are closed to the solution position, the appearance of the placemarks changes and
a pin is visible at the solution position.
3. Great - you solved your first MB-Gequiz quest. Let's solve an other quest!.

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