How To: Using the measure value table

The measure value table shows the measure values in three different modes.
The data can be copied to the clip board or saved to a file in CSV format.
  1. Record measure values manually
    Click on the table symbol in the info field of the measure instrument

    or use the hot key<Ctrl><Alt>C to copy the measure values and the time of the measuring (highlighted yellow) in the measure value table.

  2. Current measure values
    Lists the measure values of all current measure instruments.

    Some measure instruments (like polyline or area) can list the coordinates of the measure points.
    If you select one of these measure instruments, a third list will be activated.

  3. Coordinates of a single measure instrument
    Lists the coordinates of a measure instrument in two modes:
    • as coordinates in the current coordinate system (highlighted yellow)
    • as pixel coordinates