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Preview of the moves for registered users

Here is a little preview, of all the moves you will get, if you register:
Some pictures might be a bit confusing, as any steps of a moves are painted at the same time.

cha cha: chgrachse.dnc
cha cha: chprowi.dnc
cha cha: chwisch2.dnc
cha cha: chfan.dnc
cha cha: chhockey.dnc
cha cha: chlokomo.dnc
cha cha: chdsolo2.dnc
cha cha: chfanvar.dnc
cha cha: chchaturn.dnc
cha cha: chfigur1.dnc
cha cha: chfigur2.dnc
cha cha: chiceskt.dnc
cha cha: chkreuz.dnc
cha cha: chgrundvar.dnc
english waltz: lwfiguf1.dnc
english waltz: lwfiguf2.dnc
english waltz: lwimpetus.dnc
english waltz: lwimpfle.dnc
english waltz: lwflugs.dnc
english waltz: lwzwchsl.dnc
english waltz: lwzwkrsl.dnc
english waltz: lwkrsch.dnc
english waltz: lwgegprom.dnc
Viennese Waltz: wwlrvor.dnc
Viennese Waltz: wwrlvor.dnc
Viennese Waltz: wwlrback.dnc
Viennese Waltz: wwrlback.dnc
paso doble: pdprom3.dnc
paso doble: pdpromrd.dnc
paso doble: pdtrenng.dnc
paso doble: pdkicks.dnc
jive: j_prom.dnc
jive: j_drprom.dnc
jive: j_rkrsl.dnc
jive: j_offein.dnc
jive: j_figur1.dnc
jive: j_stuer.dnc
jive: j_dspin.dnc
quickstep: q_fischs.dnc
quickstep: q_v6.dnc
quickstep: q_schauf.dnc
quickstep: q_rkchvk.dnc
quickstep: q_pendel.dnc
quickstep: q_stphop.dnc
rumba: r_grachse.dnc
rumba: r_prowi.dnc
rumba: r_fan.dnc
rumba: r_aida.dnc
rumba: r_aida2.dnc
rumba: r_weltk.dnc
rumba: r_faeche.dnc
rumba: r_hockey.dnc
rumba: r_figur1.dnc
rumba: r_figur2.dnc
rumba: r_grund41.dnc
rumba: r_engel.dnc
rumba: r_lasso341.dnc
samba: s_promki.dnc
samba: s_pkicks.dnc
samba: s_botafo.dnc
samba: s_volta1.dnc
samba: s_trvolt.dnc
slow fox: sfgrund.dnc
slow fox: sffdreh.dnc
slow fox: sfwischr.dnc
slow fox: sfwellev.dnc
samba: s_trvolt.dnc
tango: t_grund3.dnc
tango: t_vierer.dnc
tango: t_valent.dnc
tango: t_ldreh.dnc
tango: t_figur1.dnc
tango: t_kehre.dnc
tango: t_wiege2.dnc
tango: t_wwldre.dnc
tango argentino: tagrund.dnc
tango argentino: tagrund2.dnc
tango argentino: tafigur1.dnc
tango argentino: tafigur2.dnc
tango argentino: tafigur3.dnc
foxtrott: f_ldreh.dnc


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