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Pre Trip Planner for your Navigation System

Google Maps has changed the data struture for the station list.
The Pre Trip Planner does not work in most cases.

I am trying to solve the problem.

Example of a planned routeAre you looking for a planning tool of your next trip. This site exports stations list of routes designed with Google Maps to different navigation systems.

Prepare your system for using the pre trip planner

Internet Explorer (version >= 7.0)

  1. Download and install the IE7Pro extension
  2. Activate the script support of the IE7Pro extension
  3. Install the pre trip planner script (click on this link)

Install the pre trip planner add on (click on this link)
Firefox might block the installation of the add on the first time. Please enable installing add ons from Or you save the file navigationpretripplanner.xpi and then chosse File/File open ... to install the add on.

Opera (version >= 8.0)

  1. Follow the steps described in this manual to configure Opera for user scripts
  2. Download the pre trip planner script (click on this link) and copy it to the created directory
Let's go!
  • Design your route at Google Maps, then choose the new menu item Export station list to navigation system in the top right section of the Google Maps site.
    This will bring you back to this site, where you can
  • export your station list to the navigation system of your choice.
Note: when designing your trip, please set and move the stations using the mouse. When using the address search for defining start and destination, please reposition them using the mouse (this is a work around until this is solved).

Import station list (currently only TomTom, Mobile Navigator and BCR files)
internet file:      

desktop file:      

Tour database
Do you need some suggestions for a trip? Then have a look at the pre trip planner tour database and have a look at the tours and locations where other user have planned their trips.

This site is under construction. Currently only station lists for TomTom, Mobile Navigator and MAP&GUIDE navigators (BCR files) are supported. Please use p.e. TrackCon to convert these file to station lists for other navigation systems etc.
For a little demonstration, have a look at the Flash tutorial

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