MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird

MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird is a freeware application for createing in your signature for Thunderbird.

Preparing a normal HTML file signature for Thunderbird

If you are not familiar with normal HTML file signatures for Thunderbird, please create your first HTML file signature for Thunderbird:
Please have a look at one of these pages for details:

Configure MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird

Starting MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird

After starting MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird, all field are blank.

Importing existing HTML signature file

The easiest way to configure MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird is to import an existing HTML signature file.
Choose File/Import ... from the menu ...

... and select your existing HTML signature file.

The file name is chosen as the default project name (1) and the HTML code ist inserted in the template data field (2) in the template tab sheet ...

... and the imported file is defined as the exporting file name in the signature file tab sheet (1).

A project file with the same name as the imported file and the extension MB-DynSig in the same directory as the imported file.

Defining Timer and Count Downs

MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird offers up to three timers or count downs.
Switch to the Countdown/Timer tab.
Choose one of these times (1) and the start time (in case of a timer) or end time (in case of a countdown) (2)

Defining dynamic text

MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird offers up to two dynamic text blocks.
Switch to the Dynamic Text tab.
Fill in the text block (1) and (2) with dynamic text. MB-DynamicTextSignature will choose always a complete line for the random dynamic text, so line breaks are not allowd. HTML tags are allowed.

Defining web text source

MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird offers the possibility to import HTML code from a web source.
Switch to the Online Data tab.
Insert the web adress with the data in (1). (2) will show the HTML imported.

Defining a signature with dynamic content

Switch to the Template tab and modify the source code of your signature in (1).
Choose these tags to insert the dynamic content just defined:
The content of (2) is changed always you modify (1).

Final Steps

OK, that's it - almost.
Give your project a project name (1),
Create a short cut in the autostart menu, so MB-DynamicTextSignature for Thunderbird will be started every time windows is started (2) and
and minimize the application the system area near the system clock.