Welcome to MB-Ruler Pro

The most important features and fact at a glance:

One application
for measuring

areas, distances and angles

on the screen and in images.
Two modes
for different requirements
Overlay Mode
for a seamless integration in other applications and existing processes
Window Mode
for measuring in images
Details Details
Four coordinate systems

• measure in orthogonal projections
• measure in coordinate systems with linear or logarithmic scales (different units for scales possible)
• measure in polar coordinate systems with linear or logarithmic scales
• measure in perspective projections

31 Measure Instruments

+ user defined measure instruments

Details Details
Additional Functions
• measure value table (CSV export)
• configurable output format
• RGB picker
• screen loupe
• developer API
• overlay elements as screen markers


the resulting use cases are countless
• reception control of components and logging errors
• measure distances and areas in aerial photos, ...
• angle measuring in X-ray images
• calculate the rotation angle of scanned documents
• handle construction plans with incomplete measure information
• ...

MB-Ruler Pro helps you to measure distances, areas and angles on the screen and in pictures.

The measure instruments are almost transparent, so you can have them on the screen, while you are working with the applications below.

Additionally it has a screen loupe function, a RGB value window and you can place temporary points, lines, rectangles, ellipses, polylines, texts and bitmaps as markers on the screen.

For software developers MB-Ruler has a developer API to modify its position and angle, receive its data and integrate MB-Ruler into other applications