User Examples

As a result of the generell concept of MB-Ruler there are a look of different use cases.
Here are some examples:

You do not find your use case? Just send me a screen shot and a short description.

Sailing with MB-Ruler

... this example is a picture of the virtual sailing game on the net Virtual Loup de Mer (
But one can also use MB-Ruler on digital sea charts for real sailing. ;-) With the use of MB-Ruler we can precisely calculate headings and distances on those maps - set a route with the use of points (ctrl+alt+p) and lines (ctrl+alt+l).

Thanks again for your great tool.

MB-Ruler and geotechnics

a lot of thanks your software MB-RULER is wonderfull, i`am aplying this in geotechnics, is very usefull to measure talus angles and structures in phtographies.

really cool software and very intuitive.. you save me a lot of time...

If you like creating impressive collages, have a look at MB-Collage and test it!
MB-Collage is available for Windows and Android.

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