Purchase a license

MB-Ruler is freeware for private and non commercial use - and you do not need a license.

But if

you have to order a MB-Ruler seat license after a test period of 14 days.

The price for a seat station license is EUR 40,- (+VAT)

Prices for additional seat licenses and conditions for resellers on request.

The prices for additional work station licenses are calculated as listed in this table:

 additional licenses 2-10  EUR 19,- per license 
 additional licenses 11-25  EUR 14,- per license 
 additional licenses 26-100  EUR 12,- per license 
 additional licenses 101-1000  EUR 10,- per license 

calculate the price for work station licenses

If you want to buy MB-Ruler licenses, please send and email with

  • the number of licenses you want to purchase
  • your complete adress (name, [company name,] street, town and country) and
  • and your phone number
to MB-Ruler@Markus-Bader.de.

I will send you details about the money transfer and your customer number for buying MB-Ruler licenses.

If you like creating impressive collages, have a look at MB-Collage and test it!
MB-Collage is available for Windows and Android.

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