MB-Ruler for Google Chrome™ - Support

Quick Start Guide

This Google Chrome™ Addon adds three icons to the top right corner of every web page.

Click on each of the icons to activate and deactivate one of the three available instruments triangular ruler, browser grid and horizontal and vertical rulers with guide lines.

This video shows you the functions:


The icons are not displayed

There are two known reasons, why the icons are not displayd:

  • the web site was loaded, before the addon was installed.
    Please reload the web site
  • the icons are not displayed on chrome internal pages and on web store pages.
    I am sorry, but addons do not work in this pages.
If you have further questions, please send an email to MB-Ruler@Markus-Bader.de.

If you like creating impressive collages, have a look at MB-Collage and test it!
MB-Collage is available for Windows and Android.

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