Free Version

MB-Collage is free to use for private user with all its features and possibilities - and a maximum export image size of 500.000 square pixel.

Download and install free version.

Private Use Seat License

Seat license for private users who want to export their collages with a size of more than 500.000 square pixel.

The price for a private use seat license is EUR 19.95 (including VAT)
You can either use PayPal or credit card to transfer the money or send an email to for details about a money bank transfer.

Purchase a private use seat license using PayPayl or credit card

Join the MB-Collage mailing list to get a free 14 days private use seat test license

Business Use Seat License

Business users have to purchase a license if MB-Collage is used in production or after an evalution period of 10 days.

The price for one business seat license is EUR 499.- + VAT (discount when several licenses are used in the same company).
Please send an email to for further information and a quote.

Frequent Questions

1. Can I use my license on several computer?

No. A license can only be used on one computer at a time. But you can activate the license on a new computer. It will automatically be deactivated on the old computer.

2. Are there MB-Collage versions for other operating systems like Linux, Android or iOS?

MB-Collage for Android is available in the Play Store.

There are no plans for other operating systems.