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Define scale

MB-Ruler can measure distances in the units
  • pixel
  • centimeter
  • inch
  • points
  • twips
  • or a user defined scale
Maßstab definieren Use the popup menu of MB-Ruler and choose the optiona page "distance&angle" in the item Options to set the scale to pixel, centimeter, inch, points or twips.
For all units (except pixel), you have to calibrate MB-Ruler, as it is not possible to calculate the real physical values from the data stored inside the operating system. Choose one of the value and move the slider "correction factor" until the values in the field below are correct.

User defined scale

There are two ways to set a user defined scale.:
Maßstab definieren
  • Choose the item Scale...definition in the MB-Ruler popup menu and set the start and end point of the reference line. Edit the real length and unit of the defined distance in the display dialog.
  • Create a line as an overlay object, that is equal to the reference line of the scale.. Open the popup menu of the line and choose the item Use line as reference line .... Edit the real length and unit of the defined distance in the display dialog.
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