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screen cutter


  • copy a section of the screen to the clipboard
  • copy a section of the screen to a file
  • copy a section of the screen to an overlay bitmap


Click with the left mouse button on the TNA icon to activate the screen shot function. The shape of the mouse cursor changes to a knive.
Select the rectangluar reagion you want to get a screen shot of, by first clicking on the upper left corner and the clicking on the lower right corner. A red frame is drawn around this rectangle.
If you want to cancel the screen cutting, click the right mouse button and choose the menu item Cancel Screenshot Cut in the popupmenu.

Depending on the settings, the bitmap will be copied to the clipboard, converted to and overlay bitmap, or you can select a filename in a Save Bitmap as ... dialog and the bitmap is saved as a file.


Click with the right button on the TNA icon to open the configuration popup menu of the screen cutter. .


A screenshot can be stored in three different ways:

  • Cut Screenshot to Overlay Item
    If this option is active, a bitmap overlay object is created at this position of the screen. Use the mouse to move it on the screen.
    Choose the context menu of the overlay bitmap to do more operations on the object.
  • Cut Screenshot to Clipboard
    The screenshot will be copied directly to the clipboard.
  • Cut Screenshot and Save to File
    After the screenshot is defined, a Save file as ... is opened. Edit the filename for the bitmap file there and save it.
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