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For controling the features of MB-Ruler, there are several predefines hotkeys. They are listed here.
If needed, you can change the values or deactivate a hotkey complete. Modify the file MB-Ruler.htk for this reason. A detailed decription is a the end of this page
function key description section in MB-Ruler.htk
<Strg><Alt><C> copy measured values to clipboard CopyDataToClipboard
<Ctrl><Alt><M> toggle measure instrument ToggleRulerMode
<Ctrl><Alt><cursor left> move the measure instrument one pixel to the left MoveRulerToLeft
<Ctrl><Alt><cursor right> move the measure instrument one pixel to the right MoveRulerToRight
<Ctrl><Alt><cursor up> move the measure instrument one pixel up MoveRulerToTop
<Ctrl><Alt><cursor down> move the measure instrument one pixel down MoveRulerToBottom
<Ctrl><Alt><X> show/hide loupe ToggleLoupe
<Ctrl><Alt><F9> smaller loupe LoupeSizeSmaller
<Ctrl><Alt><F10> bigger loupe LoupeSizeBigger
<Ctrl><Alt><F11> smaller zoom factor of the loupe LoupeMagnifierSmaller
<Ctrl><Alt><F12> bigger zoom factor of the loupe<</TD> LoupeMagnifierBigger
<Ctrl><Alt><R> show/hide RGB picker window ToggleRGBPicker
<Ctrl><Alt><P> add overlay point AddTemporaryPoint
<Ctrl><Alt><L> add overlay line AddTemporaryLine
<Ctrl><Alt><S> add overlay rectangle AddTemporaryRectangle
<Ctrl><Alt><F> add overlay polyline AddTemporaryPolyline
<Ctrl><Alt><T> add overlay text AddTemporaryText
<Ctrl><Alt><B> add overlay bitmap AddTemporaryBitmap
<Ctrl><Alt><K> show/hide layer control ShowHideLayerControl
<Ctrl><Alt><F1> activate overlay layer 1 ActivateTemporaryLayer1
<Ctrl><Alt><F2> activate overlay layer 2 ActivateTemporaryLayer2
<Ctrl><Alt><F3> activate overlay layer 3 ActivateTemporaryLayer3
<Ctrl><Alt><F4> activate overlay layer 4 ActivateTemporaryLayer4
<Umschalter><ESC> show/hide static hideable layer ShowHideHideableStaticLayer

Modify MB-Ruler.htk

Open the file MB-Ruler.htk in a text editor, to modify the settings of the hotkeys. (The file MB-Ruler.htk is available after the first execution of MB-Ruler.)
Set the item UseThisTable in the section Generel to 1 to activate the file:


Every hotkey has its own section. The internal name of each hotkey is listed in the third row of the table above.
These value can be modified:

UseThisHotKey =1 this hotkey is used
=0 this hotkey is deactivated
OverrideAppParameter =1 the keycodes defined in this section are used for this hotkey
=0the predefined keycodes are used for this hotkey
Modifier and Virtualkey define the keyboard codes for the function keys.
Have a look the MSDN Help for valid values.

Restart MB-Ruler to use the new hotkey definition.

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