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overlay objects

MB-Ruler Pro can show
  • points
  • lines / arrows
  • polylines
  • rectangles
  • circles / ellipses
  • bitmaps
  • and text
as overlay objects on the screen.
Ebenenverwaltung Open the layer control in the MB-Ruler popup menu or use the hotkey <Strg><Alt><K> to create an overlay object. Click on the corresponding icon to start inserting the element. The tooltip describes you every single step.

Every overlay object can be modified afterwards by moving its nodes.
If you press the <Ctrl> key while moving, the whole overley object is moved. If you press the <Shift> key while moving, other nodes are used as magnetic anchors. If the mouse is near these points, the position of the elements is corrected to exactly these points.

You can also create the objects with the help of there hotkeys:

<Ctrl><Alt><P> add overlay point
<Ctrl><Alt><L> add overlay line
<Ctrl><Alt><S> add overlay rectangle
<Ctrl><Alt><F> add overlay polygon
<Ctrl><Alt><T> add overlay text
<Ctrl><Alt><B> add overlay bitmap
Have a look at the function key help page for more details about the functions keys and how you can configure them.

Overlay objects are created in the active temporary layer (lager control). The tooltip of most of the elements (point,line, rectangle, polyline, ellipse) shows their geometric properties. All function for modifying an overlay object can be accessd by its popup menu.

static layer

There are slow four static layers. Use the popup menu of an overlay object to move an object to a static layer. (Overlay objects in these layers can not be modified any more. Move them back to a temporary layer to modify them.)
  • visible layer
    objects in this layer are always visible
  • hideable layer
    The visibility of objcets in this layer can be toggled with the hotkey <Shift><ESC>
  • autohide layer
    objects in this layer are always visible - except the mouse is close to them
  • autoshow layer
    objects in this layer are always invisible - except the mouse is close to them
To be able to modify objects in the autohide layer, this mode can be deactivated in the layer control.

Objects with links

You can add a link and/or hint to every (Properties ...) A link is either
  • a link to an other file or application
  • a function of MB-Ruler
  • or a function in an imported DLL
Click on an object in a static layer to start the linked function.
If the object is still in a temporary layer, <Ctrl><Shift> must be pressed, too.

Special function of overlay objects

Some elements have special functions - listed int the popupmenu of the element:
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