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auto calibration

The MB-Ruler Pro auto calibration is usefull, if you have a static measure system; there must be correlation between the zoom factor of the image and the scale.
Further more, the images must include EXIF informationen about the name of the camera and the used zoom factor.

Follow these steps to define the initial auto calibration graph:
  1. Use the menu item File / Monitor Directory ... / Choose Directory to choose the directory, where the images taken by the camera are stored.
    The images will be shown in a horizontal image list at the bottom of the window. The image list is dynamic - new images in the monitored directory will apper in the list.
  2. Activate the auto calibration using the menu item Scale / User Auto Calibration.
  3. Choose a sheet with squares of defines size and that a serie of images using different zoom level
    - about 10 images - images with the minimal and maximal zoom leve must be included.
  4. Handle each image this way:
    1. Choose each image with a double click
    2. Handling the first image, you will be asked, if you want to create a calibration graph depending on the camera, this image was taken with.
      Answer this question with OK.
    3. Define the scale of the image using the menu item Scale / Definition ... :
      • First click on the start of the referenz line and then
      • click on the end of the referenz line..
      • A window will open, where you can edit the physical lengh of the distance just measured - on a sheet of paper with squares normally 5,10,15, .. mm
        (The scale unit must be idential for all images)
    4. Define the scale of each image during the calibration graph- even if MB-Ruler Pro suggest you an approximated value
  5. You can display, modify and delete the calibration using the menu Scale / Calibration Graph
  6. Note: If you change your measure enviroment, you have to delete the old calibration graph and define a new one.
Have a look at the online flash animation for a demonstration

You have to activate the MB-Ruler Pro calibration edit mode for changing the calibration values!
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