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new in version 3.5:
measure window mode - and export as bitmap and stand alone application
auto calibration (microscopic use case)
performance optimisation

new in version 3.4:
alpha tranparence is used to display temporary bitmaps (bitmaps as overlay objects)
all settings are stored at application data - windows vista compatibel

new in version 3.32:
application DefinePersistScales for defining predefined scales
new menu item current scale in the context menu
the inital state of the function track mouse is disabled

new in version 3.31:
measure ellipse
distance point-to-line
multiple measure instruments at the same time

new in version 3.3:
double cross hair
measure polyline
measure polygon
measure circle (defined by the center and a point on the circle)
measure circle (defined by three points on the circle)
angle measure
screen cutter
lines as arrows
scale as screen element
redesign and enhancement of th remote interface

new in version 3.2:
Triangular ruler and coordinate system can be attached to a window. Then they move synchron, when this window is moved.
And you can define the measure scale with the help of the remote interface.

new in version 3.1:
Enhancement at the temporary objects. They can have the attribute "auto show". Then they are only visible, when the mouse cursor is near the objects.

new in version 3.01:
the ruler can draw lines - click on the move and rotate elements while pressing <CTRL>

new in version 3.0:
measure mode: coordinate system
translation of MB-Ruler - read the file "Language.English" for details
hotkeys can be modified - details in file "MB-Ruler.htk" - after first programm execution
if you store MB-Ruler in a network drive, the settings are stored locally on you computer
the conten of a temporary rectangle can be copied to the clipboard (contect menu -right mouse button)
cosmetic enhancement
bug fixing

new in version 2.2:
Ellipses as temporary objects

new in version 2.1:
Enhancement at the temporary objects. They can have the attribute "auto hide". Then they are invisible, when the mouse cursor is above them.

new in version 2.0:
text as temporary object
bitmaps as temporary object
you can save the temporary objects as stand alone applications
you can add a hint to temporary objects
you can add an externals function to temporary objects (call an external application or a MB-Ruler application function)

new in version 1.52:
temporary objects have magnetic functions for the alignment of further elements, if the SHIFT key is pressed
content of of a temporary square can be saved as a bitmap
little bug fixing

new in version 1.5:
rectangle as temporary item
polyline as temporary item
edit temporary item after definition
save temporary items for using it when the application is started the next time
save temporary items as bitmap

new in version 1.3:
RGB value window
multi monitor support

new in version 1.22:
bug fix - rarely crash on program start

new in version 1.21:
enhanced loupe mode

new in version 1.2:
screen loupe function

new in version 1.1:
delete single temporary items
save last position of the ruler
extent temporary lines to rectangular triangles
extend temporary lines by by lines with the length of the golden ratio

new in version 1.01:
bugfix - distance and angle was calculated wrong in some systems, when the taskbar was located left or top

new in version 1.0:
temporary items
more options for for measuring angles

new in version 0.93:
installation routine
german version

new in version 0.92:
measure distance in points and twips
hints box on program start

new in version 0.91:
you can define your own distance units
smoother cursor icons

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